Monday, February 18, 2008


On Saturday 16th of February 2008, we the Executive team of Cosmos Education Kenya was able to meet for the first time ever after the country’s elections. On our agenda for the meeting that day was among others:
· Post election violence effect on members
· The Nyota getting there...professional insights project
· Holiday Science learning camp (HSLC)
· Plan of action for term one and the rest of the year
· CE Kenya contribution towards education in the IDP camps
· Plan for a members meeting to be held on the 2nd of March 2008

Each of the executive team members gave an account of how the election fiasco had affected them in their lives. We were glad to hear that, although some of us had been forced to move and had lost property, we had not been affected physically in terms of bodily harm or loss of life of immediate family and close relatives. It was truly a happy moment to see us all well and good.

We discussed the Nyota project and how the scheduling had been affected. We had been hoping to complete the last 5 sessions within this first term of the year but due to the commotion, we were unable to carry out this plan. Lucky for us, we had done the lion’s share of the project the previous year. We have come up with a plan to tackle the disturbed schedules.

We took to discuss scheduling of the HSL camp to be held in April. Since this has not affected by the current state of the country, we are very positive that we will hold the camp as scheduled. We are looking into venues and logistics as we speak.

Next we discussed CE Kenya’s contribution towards education in the Internally Displaced Person’s (IDP) camps. Since the camps host families who have lost their homes, we decided the children in these camps need not loose out on their education too. We discussed about having a similar program as the Holiday science learning camp within the IDP camps. We have organized meetings with various other organizations which are dealing with education within the camps and we are hoping to get positive responses. We are looking at logistics at the moment and we will inform you on our progress so watch this space.

We discussed on having a meeting for all the CE Kenya members to, among other discussions, find out how they are doing post elections. We have set the meeting to be on the 2nd of March 2008. The agenda for the meeting will be: post election violence effect on members; Plan of action within the first term and the rest of the year; CE Kenya contribution towards education in the IDP camps; Plan for a members’ activity; Any other Business.

Under any other business, we planned to visit MCEDO school within the course of this term. The school is located within the Mathare area which was adversely affected by the post election violence. We are hoping to find the school standing strong despite the catastrophe and that the students have not been affected dearly.

We were proud to find out that, Isaac Musyoka – CE Kenya’s Treasure, had acquired a 6 month internship with the United Nations. He works at the DCPI office and has been there for about two weeks. He will inform us more on his participation at the UN offices.

Some more good news is that, Isaac Musyoka and Bridgit Syombua – CE-Kenya’s President, have been invited to attend the 4th World Youth Congress to be held in Quebec, Canada from the 10th -21st August of this year. For more information about this, please watch this space.

We discussed many other issues pertaining to the running of CE Kenya offices and set out goals for the term and year. As we left each other that day, we couldn’t help but feel closer and comfortable with our achievements so far.
It was truly a fruitful day!!!!!!!!!!

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