Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On a chilly Thursday afternoon, Cosmos Education Kenya, as goes our motto, took up another daunting task of inspiring, engaging and empowering the secondary school going youth in Mcedo, Mathare, under our Nyota Professional Insights program. This was particularly important meet given that it was the last opportunity for the form four candidates to have a professional talk, get advice on the possibilities available for them before they sit for their last exams.

Although given in a short notice, two speakers were available for the function; Ben Kariuki and Dickson Orina, popularly know to the Mcedo community as Kiroboto. Ben facilitated the occasion with Dickson giving a very spending heartfelt talk on careers and study skills.

About fifty students were present for the function, and one of their teachers, Mr. Benedict who introduced the already well know Cosmos brad to the children. The talk ranged from career choices available for the candidates, study skills and important things in life that a secondary school youth should know. We aimed at taking this challenge to let the children be more aware of what awaits them after they are through with their final exams.

I was a very successful talk with the student asking one too many questions about the things they were taught, things that bothered them; basically a show of great enthusiasm from young learners. This was a clear indication of lessons well taught, and a youth that that is eagerly waiting to take up responsibility and become the future guardians of their own lives. Talk about the youth being the key to development of the world.

Overall assessment is that more of such talks need to be done, inspiration is quite missing in our students and Cosmos, being in the forefront of not just inspiring but also egaging and empowering the youth, we are taking this role full force because we believe in science education for the development of the world!

Kariuki Bernard

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