Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holiday Science Learning Camp (HSLC)

The Holiday Science Learning Camp Kenya was a lovely and well coordinated project. I was very impressed with the way modules were prepared and the volunteers were of that high spirit and eager to do the modules. I think CEK did a great work to prepare them for the whole week activity.

About the Volunteers, I like the energy they portrayed as if they have already participated in similar activities. They were just out for the project and that encouraged me to move at the same pace with them and just the association and interaction they had exhibited was beyond tribe, religion, custom, education and race background. I think they just showcased the image of COSMOS EDUCATION.

I think with such projects being implemented, I see the future and achievements that Cosmos Education Kenya and Cosmos Education as a whole is getting at. I want to give my credit to the team behind the organizing of the project; I can’t go by name for they all did one or two things to make this activity a success. THUMB UP!

About the students, I never expected the spirit they had towards learning. Despite different grades from almost different schools, I found all the students to eager to learn more about science and the role that science plays in their daily lives. Each grade had a very bright student and very challenging for they asked questions I was expecting coming from a primary student and of such a poor supported community with a disadvantaged learning aid. If only the government looked into the pride of this future generation, a lot will be achieved out this small community.

I wish next time something of similar activity will be organized, we should consider introducing small awards to the most outstanding students in all the grades in the coming future to motivate them and also to encourage the others to work extra hard with spirit to be award next time.
I strongly believe something similar can happen in Zambia. I am of the idea that the same project be extended to the Zambian Branch hopefully in the late weeks of December this year for that will he a Holiday period for the students. I am confident we will have it and with the experience that I have gained during this Holiday Science Learning Camp (HSLC), we will definitely organize it to the expectations.

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