Friday, August 31, 2007

Holiday Science Learning Camp (HSLC)

The coming down to kenya for the Holiday science Learning Camp (HSLC) as a member of cosmos education Zambia was one of the most intriguing experince.
The Cosmos Education kenya did an awesome thing to involve the new volunteers and teachers to participate at the HSLC it was a positive contribution to the organisation in a way that this people were able to bring new ideas and skills to the organisation more especially during the trainings were i observed a huge flow of ideas and creativity from both the volunteers and the teachers and such great minds are essential for the organizations knowledge base and quality programming. Though the volunteers and teachers expressed that the three days was not enough for the training.
Secondly, i feel that the MCEDO Beijing was a good school to work with and that the pupils were very coorporative looking at the social background from what we knew it was totally different when it came to real life experience in the classrooms.
The pupils really participated well in all the activities though a number of girls had difficulties in opening up in most of the instances, maybe its something to do with culture backgrounds were you see boys are more superior in all aspects of life.
There was also a wide base of knowledge from some of the kids and i observed that when i was presenting a module on the Green house gases. it came a stage were we looked at a number of solutions and from that, some pupils questioned the issue of carbon pricing that its not a good thing to go with in terms of reducing the carbon emissions for it can lead people losing there jobs and hising the prices of commodities.

Having this camp in Zambia it will be a great achievement for the Cosmos team and that we will work with the Zambia open community schools which has been one of our long understanding partner in Zambia. we really worked together the time we had the Lusaka school Campaign project. we shall try to do our best and come up with an effective science camp, from the exeperience we got from the Kenayn side was an eye opener for us to improve on some failures. we can do it in Zambia as well with the support of all the Cosmos branches.
Our suggestion is to have it by mid December and its possible to be done.

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