Tuesday, March 18, 2008


CEK Volunteers posed for a photo during the 2007 Annual General Meeting

Hello everyone!

Late last year, December 9th, to be exact, CEK held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) - cum - activity day. The place - ESME World class schools in Waithaka, Kikuyu district, which is in the outskirts of the Nairobi city. The school is owned by one James Njeru, a Cosmos Education bona fide member who hosted us, at a fee. Quite a number of CEK members attended and it was a day to behold! We had fun, bonded, and brainstormed on the various activities to be carried this year. One of our volunteers, Justa, invited us to visit her former high school, Kieni Girls in Embu, and even volunteered to do the follow up with the school administration on CEK behalf. Everyone was ecstatic about this and we agreed that this year visiting Embu will be one of our major projects!

See below pictures taken during the event!

.....and rule no. 3 is......It is the Most serious of all! u can forget rule no.1 & no. 2, but u can't forget this one!!

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