Monday, March 3, 2008

Visit to Chief's Camp and Mathare

On Saturday members from Cosmos Education Kenya visited the Chief's IDP Camp located near Mathare and Huruma slums in Nairobi. At the camp we learned that about 500 people were living there, including 200 children. The people staying in the camp come from a mix of tribes. Most of them were staying in the Mathare area and lost their homes or had to leave due to ethnic violence. Many of the children are young and have not yet been to school. Some were attending school, but now many do not feel comfortable in their old schools, or cannot afford to return.

At the camp we met with members of an organization called Mama na Dada that is organizing counseling, teaching, and other forms of support to people staying in the camp, especially children. Cosmos Education Kenya hopes to partner with Mama na Dada to organize a weekend of science and environmental education for the kids at Chief's camp.

CEK's Justa with kids at the camp

This weekend Mama na Dada had organized a football (soccer) tournament in Mathare to promote peace. We watched the game and Kanja held a dancing contest for the children. You can find more photos of the excursion at:

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