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CEK Members Get Together Meeting – Ololosokuan - Ngong Hills.

2010 In Review;
The year 2010 has gone down in history as one of the worst years the CEK has seen. It’s the year where very few activities were accomplished amid lots of problems. This was due to an acute shortage of funds. In this case, we were not able to conduct an AGM where members would meet and take stock of the activities and goals accomplished in past year. This phenomenon has since changed and the team is upbeat and very ready for the year ahead.

CEK Members sharing light moments at the office for the meeting. From left to right; Lizbeth, Sharon, Irene, Joy, Peter and Gerald.

Its Saturday 19th February 2011. The weather is sunny and quite conducive for indoor and outdoor activities altogether. All the members converged at the CEK Office in Mageso Chambers 1st Floor by 1pm. A total of 15 members were in attendance with more than 10 others sending their apologies due to unavoidable circumstances. It being the first meeting of the year, there was a lot of issues to be discussed at length and come up with a calendar of events and their time lines for the whole year.

The meeting stated at 1pm with introductions where every present member introduced him/herself to the group. Kanja, proceeded with giving an overview of the mission of CE Kenya, not forgetting the origin of CE in general. He also gave more information about the activities that CEK undertook in 2010 and their successes in tandem with the CEK calendar for the year. He indicated that the year saw a few projects being put on hold due to insufficient funding. The loss of the CE US President, Alex Tung, also brought in a gap that will never be filled or else may take time to fill. This slowed down the execution of projects that were in the program for the year. Nonetheless, things are now looking up and everyone has fastened the seatbelt ready for a bright and busy year ahead. This will be in an effort to recover the unfinished activities.

The outdoor meeting venue

Having shared this information, it was time for the CEK treasurer Ms. Carol Muli who took people through an overview of how the CEK carries out its activities and financial management in general. She laid much emphasis on proper accountability of funds and budget strictness which makes the organization soar in glory. She also gave a few examples of some of the activities that CEK have carried out successfully and their budgetary allocation vis-à-vis the expenses. This was intended to educate the new members on what is expected of them in matters financial since they will at one time be in charge of activities that will be delegated to them as team leaders.

At the same time, the CEK Executive Secretary Ms. Lizbeth rose to the podium where she gave the members detailed information concerning the running of CEK, including the office matters. She also explained more about membership subscription. Reporting was another issue that was in her agenda list. She indicated that communication is the best way to keep people together and helps in organizational management, this culminates to the much wished and needed progress.

Carol taking members through the CEK mission.

The calender of Events;
The time for departure to the venue in Ngong came and the team boarded a truck. Within no time, the team was already seated in a round table with serious discussion taking place. At first it was the announcement of all the events that CEK have planned to accomplish this year. Carol lead the members in discussing at length and coming out with probable timelines for every project.
This is an activity where members conversed and exchanged valuable ideas which helped to come up with a tentative calendar of events but not only limited to the ones stipulated in the table below.

1. Plant for the Planet - Countrywide From April to December 2011 - Kanja & Irene are the tentative leaders for this event. The dates are to be confirmed and CEK to act accordingly

2. Nyota Professional Insight Sessions - 3 Nairobi based Schools - From March to December 2011
Rotational basis as per session. This has already started and is continuing well.

3. Chemsha Bongo Science Challenge . This is an activity that will be held in 3 Nairobi based Schools from March to December 2011. Leadership for the events will be on rotational basis as per session.
4. Science day trip to ILRI & UNEP May 2011 - Bridgit & Kanja - This is subject to dates confirmation – preferably from mid May to Early June

5. Computer Donation Follow-Up at Kalukuni Secondary School – Yatta Plateau June 2011. Carol /Judy are the tentative team leaders for this event. The dates are be confirmed and CEK to act accordingly.

6. World Environment Day Celebrations , date 5th June.
Lizbeth & George will follow up on this matter and lead the rest of the members in taking part. This is an international day – confirmation for the main activity venue will be done in due course.

7. Friends of Karura Forest Tree Planting Day at Karura Forest - Nairobi July. Kanja, Irene & William are the tentative leaders for this activity. The dates will be confirmed and CEK to act accordingly

8. Nairobi Green Line Tree Planting session at Nairobi National Park from April to December 2011. Kanja & Wangare are the leaders for this activity. The dates are subject to confirmation.

9. Members SGM Ololosokuan – Ngong Hills In between June to early August, Carol & Gerald are the team leaders for this event. The dates are subject to confirmation.

10. Open Learning Day AIC Girls Secondary School - Kajiado Preferably April. Carol & Naboth are the leaders for this event. The dates are subject to confirmation.

11. World AIDs Day, Venue to be confirmed while the event will take place on 1st December 2011. Irene & Sharon will lead the team to the event. This is an international day – confirmation for the main activity venue will be done later.

12. Open Learning Day MCEDO School Preferably August Bridgit,William & Justa will lead the team, while the dates are subject to confirmation.

13. CEK Members AGM . The venue will be confirmed later while the meeting is intended to take place within the 1st or 2nd week of December. The excecutive committee will take lead in planning for this event.

14. Lusaka Schools Project. This project wil take place from Mid May to Early June. The exact dates are subject to confirmation. CEK will send representative/s to the event.

Judy giving a contribution during the round table discussion session.

The meeting took a maximum of one hour since most of the issues were discussed earlier in the office. Bridgit gave the closing remarks. The time for the eateries came, lots of mouth watering barbecued goat meat was served. Ugali was also in plenty, not forgetting the escort – kachumbari. Soft drinks were also available. The members enjoyed the tasty bush late lunch before getting down to the last activity of the day – adventure and bonding session!

The eateries came in all types with all the nutrients incorporated… eehmmmmmmmmmmmm….!!!

The Rocky Affair;

This is an activity that took the members to the rocky region of the campsite. This is the place where real fun was experienced. It was a difficult tiresome affair as members trekked on bare rocks as it happens in a military drill. Endurance, team work and communication were the lessons to learn from the exercise. This helped to create more chance for consultations and focused goal setting as members shared ideas of how best to face and beat the rough terrain where one should emerge victorious. Some places were too slippery while other rocks had no parts to lay fingers, yet one had to devise ways to make it up to the top. This brought lots of interdependency and tolerance between the members since everyone had to take part, follow the queue and do the climbing at your own speed.

When the going gets tough….. only the tough get's going….. Please speed up Wangare…Kevin wants to climb up too……!

The Impromptu Meeting;
At the end of the vigorous exercise, the members held a short impromptu meeting at the Maasai manyatta site. The meeting was aimed at informing the members how team work helps in meeting set goals. This was as a result of the participation of all the members from the beginning of the day to the close of the business. With this kind of togetherness, it shows a bright future and a promising year for CEK, which will culminate in the successful accomplishment of all the activities in the busy calendar. Members were in great agreement that they were ready to professionally tackle projects and bring forth the much needed success. At this juncture a motion to have some volunteers going to St. Johns Secondary for the first Career Session of the year, slated for the following week. Four members among them, Irene, Peter, George and Kanja were willing to take the plunge. This marked the start of a team spirit that will keep burning in the group for the rest of time. As darkness approached it was time to take a group picture, shout the CEK science chant, the last prayers, before everyone got back to the truck and off we drove.

Smiling faces, energy oozing bodies’ fresh minds overflowing with knowledge… = to brand new CEK .......!!!!!!!!

Food For Thought;
Well, words alone are not enough to tell the success and great moments of this wonderful memorable day. It takes a willing heart to open up, buy the idea and make time for such activities for a worthy course. Change starts with you and spreads to the other person creating synergy for a progressive society.

Yes, lets pull together, I’m fully prepared to play my part satisfactorily, how well prepared are you to play yours?

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